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We provide specialized one-on-one CONCIERGE OUTPATIENT Physical Therapy services. We also welcome you at our on-site clinic location. 

Our expert clinicians will be your partner in reducing pain, restoring mobility, maximizing function, improving performance in sports and fitness, and making sure your rehabilitation is effective, efficient, and stress-free.  You will receive a highly customized treatment and exercise program to address goals unique to you.



The most rewarding part of our job is the amazing reviews we receive from our patients. SCROLL DOWN and see for yourself what our satisfied customers shared with us. Think we can assist you as well? Get in touch with us today.


"Dr. Villaver's knowledge and experience in her practice has completely changed my life.  I was suffering so badly from an achilles heel injury that walking was almost impossible. Since seeing her, I'm back up and running, jumping and liking life. She brings 100% to everything she does and all of her patients. There is no one I'd recommend more highly." --AMANDA L.



"Dr. Grace, thank you for your outstanding support and helping me overcome my calf and knee injuries.  You have a systematic and meticulous approach to diagnosing the root of the problem; Providing the correct treatment was the key to my recent personal best finish time in 2021 Cincinnati Marathon. You're amazing!"--DANIEL R.

"Dr. Villaver is the best Physical Therapist who helped me get back on my feet and walk after a life saving spinal surgery! She is the most patient, attentive and fantastic person I have ever worked with. I am so glad to have her working with me. "---BRIAN S.

"I am an avid runner, but I had been experiencing pain in my calf.  I tried resting it by taking a break from running for over a month and still didn't feel any relief.  My wife finally convinced me to see Dr. Villaver who suggested dry needling the area.  I have not received this type of treatment before but Dr. Villaver made the experience very easy for me. As a result, I was able to run almost immediately.  I'm grateful I finally listened to my wife; And next time, I won't wait so long to call on Dr. Villaver. She is great!" --TOM R.

"Our family will be forever grateful to the knowledge, skill, and focused care provided by Grace.  She came into our mom's life at a critical point and worked with her to ensure the highest quality of life.  Grace became a part of our Mom's success story, and we are thankful." --LINDA R.

"A major auto accident left me with chronic neck and lower back issues over the years. Despite numerous doctor visits, physical therapy sessions, chiropractic care, acupuncture sessions, and LMT sessions my body never felt ‘normal’.  I recently started experiencing numbness from my lower back, down my right leg, and into my lower ankle…cause for serious concern for which surgery would inevitably be the solution. Despite this, and after much research, I enlisted the physical therapy services of Dr. Villaver. Her patient reviews seemed promising and a personal recommendation from a close friend was my last hope before embarking on a long, arduous journey along the surgery- route. Her intimate knowledge of the human body absolutely amazed me and after just a few sessions, my numbness started to subside. Before long, I no longer experienced back or neck pain!  Truly amazing! I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this way. (without any mobility limitations), and I credit Dr. Villaver for giving me back my life. My only regret was not calling her sooner and living the life I should have for all of these years."


"Grace is an amazing Physical Therapist. She came into our lives when my son needed her to help him recover from major back surgery. I trust her with my family's physical and emotional well-being." --KATHY S.

"Finding a good PT is like playing the lottery,  You keep trying until you get the lucky winning ticket. The day when I had Dr. Villaver treat my frozen shoulder was the day I felt like I won my lottery ticket.  Thanks to her expertise, my frozen shoulder is long gone!  I was scared that I was going to have to suffer the excruciating pain in my shoulder for life.  Dr. Villaver was attentive to my pain level, she was genuinely caring, she definitely went beyond the call of duty, she knew exactly what to do and how to treat the problem. She has an impressive knowledge of her profession and provides amazing patient service. " --NANCI F.

"I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Dr. Villaver! She is so knowledgeable and thorough.  She is entirely professional while treating you like family of her own.  I trust her completely and have been so impressed with her willingness to make time for me every time I have needed her services.  i have recommended her to my friends and family.  Everyone needs a Dr. Villaver in their life!" --LINDSAY R.

I visited Dr. Grace to review my posture and mechanics of my golf swing. The results of her analysis and recommendatwion were a light bulb moment! My game was instatnly improved , as her advice was catalyst for a more consistent approacth to each swing, yielding more control and power. Myu back was straighter, my power came from my legs and hore. I took her recommendations to my golf pro coach. He was impressed! -- RALPH I.